This will shorten the vertical height of the upper lip, as part of a

    • FFS surgery, in order to have a more female looking lip


    • facial rejuvenation (i.e. when getting older , the upper lip becomes longer, due to gravity and the effects of the sfincter funtion of the orbicularis oris muscle).


This is an excellent solution for patients with a long upper lip (often in aging) , through a incision just below the nose.

The lip is fixed a the septum, and thus lifted, with an inconspicuous scar. Also often done in FFS surgery, as in young females, the upper lip is shorter than in males.

A short upper lip is a sign of youth.



Either skin, or skin and orbicularis muscle excision , through an 4-6 mm invisible skin excision at the base of the nose.


Healing time

Sutures are removed after 7 days
Swelling for 10 days