Transgenders in Belgium in need of support.

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Genderdysphoria receives little attention in Flanders. Researcher Joshua Motmans advocates the creation of an autonomous foundation for transgenders. The Pink House organized on 14 February an evening talk on this theme, where relatives of transsexuals were witnesses.

On Valentine’s Day organized by the Liberal-Humanist House in collaboration with The Pink House in Antwerp the evening talk my child is transsexual. Patrice and Anaïs (19), both relatives of transsexuals, did testify about their experiences. Patrice, mother of a transsexual daughter, told of the agony that her former son underwent. Anais did an open book about her life as the daughter of a transsexual mother, before her father.Researcher Joshua Motmans led the discussion on track.

“My child, I used to never return,” says Patrice. “Sven was very introverted. He worked as a cook at our store and never came into the kitchen. When he was 22 he chose to finally be themselves and as women go through life. So now I have a daughter, Sofia. I see that my child is much happier now. Sofia has a lot more confidence and will constantly among people. “Patrice admits that she is in the beginning it was very difficult.She had never heard of transsexualism and on the Internet, she found little useful information. Until she met other parents in Thailand, where Sophia underwent her final surgery. “In Thailand I received much support from other parents. Finally I could see that it was not my fault, but just nature.”

Dad with wig

Anaïs had less difficulty in the situation of her father to accept. “When I was 14, I discovered on New Year’s Eve pictures on our computer from my dad in a dress and a wig. I have my parents there when directly confronted and they have everything clearly explained. It was an emotional conversation just a few hours later we were already playing games. My parents have always been very good care of me and I could with all my questions contact them. Even my classmates took it well. ”

Patrice and Anaïs agree that it is easier for the environment to be advised immediately.Anaïs: “In my new school I explained everything to my own classroom about Fran. So everyone knows the truth and can not create gossip. “Patrice explained in her restaurant all customers immediately.

Gender Foundation

For Patrice, the entire transition period especially difficult because she felt that she was entitled to no one. “Only in Thailand, I met other parents that I could talk. That has really made a change in my thinking. I received strong support from those peers. I got home around my nose against the door. I am very sorry that nothing exists in Belgium where relatives of transsexuals to go. Therefore I would like to start something with other parents. ”

People who struggle with their gender identity were previously obtained from the Gender Foundation. That is not an autonomous entity but is more integrated into the reception operation of the General Welfare Center. The attendees at the information evening Tuesday clearly indicated that this is a problem. There are some organizations that focus on transgender but who are almost all embedded in çavaria, the organization for LGBT people. Yet so now advocating a private interest group.

(H) recognize

Researcher Joshua Motmans holds a doctorate written about the quality of life of transgenders in Flanders. He also feels that there is a need for a conductor for the orchestra, an independent organization specifically focused on transgender. Such a foundation must ensure awareness and transgender population in a positive way into view. Motmans is very positive about the future. “My research shows that in Flanders the right way to go. The transgender population is already recognized by the government as a separate group for a chance policy. This is a huge revolution. ”

Aesthetic surgeon Norseman van der Dussen concluded the debate with a summary quote. “In my practice I have had many transsexuals on the floor. Most are over 40 and have a difficult life behind him, while as a child she already felt otherwise. When the transition happens when you are young, it is much easier. A gender foundation is needed to create awareness on the topic, so people with a gender dystrophy can quickly recognize and acknowledge this.

Transgender people are struggling with the feeling that their body (physical) does not match how they experience themselves (the feeling). Their gender identity is not (completely) match their physical sex.
Three classifications are used:
Travesty: men but also women, who dress as someone of the opposite sex. These people have no desire for physical interventions.
Transgenderism: people who are not completely male or female feel. They feel between a man or woman, or neither. Partial transition is often desirable.
Transsexualism: people who identify as a person of the opposite sex. They see complete gender transition as the only solution.

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