Thighs : lift or liposuction?


A patient told me :

‘I’ve decided to have a medial thigh lift. I’d rather have a couple of scars than loose skin. At least I can wear shorts! I’m really curious as to what to expect. I’ve heard of “scar migration” and the scar widening and getting larger. I’ve heard of holes that form, and horrible lumpy scars. But I’ve never seen a healed picture of the scars because they’re covered by garments and closed legs! So I’d like to know what to expect. Will they flatten? Will they ever turn white, or stay lumpy and red?’


What's the answer?

    • if too much fat : liposuction


    • if saggy skin : excision and lifting


    • if both : both liposuction and lifting will be done ; there are several patterns of excision, and the right pattern for you will be discussed in your consultation.


    Do scars break down ? No, provided the tissues have been handled gently , and provided there was not too much tension on the wound.

    The scars fade into fine white lines, but this may take 1 – 2 years.


Thigh lift in Belgium

Thigh lifts can be very difficult operations. The incision for a full thigh lift starts at the knee and runs up the leg along the inner aspect and curves up near the groin to end in the upper thigh crease. Occasionally a smaller incision can be done which is just in the thigh crease but this does not improve the contour of any part of the thigh except the very inner top part. For patients with a lot of loose skin the scar is worth it, for patients with only a little skin the scars of a traditional thigh lift (extended thigh lift) would not be worth it. In this case a small inner thigh lift is done, with the scar only extending in the upper third of the inner side of the upper leg.


More about thigh lift

Recovery: Most patients are back to their normal activities in about two to three weeks, and back to full activity in four to six weeks. The incision will take one year to fully heal. Vitamin E and scar-healing products can help the scar fade.

Results: In combination with diet and exercise, results are lifelong. However, touch-up procedures may be required.