The belgian General Medical Council is investigating the action of a clinic in Kortrijk (Belgium)

25 Aug 2011: The belgian General Medical Council is  investigating the  action of a clinic in Kortrijk (Belgium).

This clinic offered on the website  a discount of 54 percent for breast enlargements. The clinic focused on customers in Lille and Paris.

The belgian law prohibits publicity for cosmetic surgery  since August 5 2011 .
According to Total Beauty Clinic in Kortrijk, the phone did not stop not ringing since the Groupon action of Tuesday and Wednesday. “It runs well,” it sounds. A month ago there was already a similar initiative. The clinic says she respects the law, and finds that the offer complies  with the ethical code of physicians.

Reactions on this groupon action :
– Dominique Tilman ( member of parliament ), who took the initiative for the law on advertising for plastic surgery,  claims that the offer is illegal – even if on a French website.
– the belgian GMC  says it is investigating the case , and regrets that some clinic are behaving unethicall.. The Code of Ethics states that surgeons should not recruit patients.

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