Sales of antibiotics still rising in Belgium

The number antibiotic medication  sold in pharmacies increased in 2007-2009 from 9.25 to 10,04 million, despite the warnings of increasing antibiotic resistance. In hospitals, sales of 14.4-14.7 registered units.  This is evident from the answer of  the  Minister of Social Affairs Laurette Onkelinx to a written question from Flor Van Noppen (N-VA). Expressed in DDD (amount of active ingredient that an adult receives daily, defined daily dose ) there was an increase of 98.05 to 112,01  million for pharmacies and from 7.41 to 7,55 million  in hospitals.
The cost for the RIZIV increased in 2007-2009 from 147.2 to 159,7 million euros as sales in pharmacies is concerned. For use in hospitals, there was a slight decrease from 92.5 to 91,3  million euros.

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