Onkelinx ( Belgium ) wants information about (breast and other ) implants in the medical record of the patient

Onkelinx  ( Belgium ) wants information about   (breast and other ) implants in the  medical record of the patient

Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx  examined how implants can be safely followed.

One of the plans currently on the table is  the compulsory insertion of all the information about the implant in the medical record of the patient. The minister hopes to start with this scheme at the end of this year.

The previous plan involved that the patient himself carried an implant card , at any time.
Previously published in the press reports that patients receiving implants wore himself would be obliged to always have an identity card which prostheses pocket. Several doctors had questions from concerned patients.  Minister Onkelinx speaks strongly against that message now. “That was never an option. Compare it with vaccination cards, which are also sooner or later lost by most people,” says spokeswoman Katleen Sottiaux .

In the wake of the PIP affair  “We believe strongly that any relevant information about the used implants now should be attached to  the global medical dossier. It should contain information such as origin, type and serial number, the name of the surgeon , et cetera…..

Thus, GPs in case of problems will be able to efficiently track the implants.

Earlier, Minister Onkelinx even announced that she is working on a central register for Belgium, where all implants are included. This  would be replace by a  European version will map all implants in Europe.


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