I was in constant pain: but I couldn’t afford a UK operation

Anita Jennings travelled to Belgium for a breast reduction.


The 25-year-old had been asking for the NHS surgery because of constant back and neck pain for more than seven years. She couldn’t afford the £6,000 cost to have it done privately in the UK. She has gone from a 34HH (right) to a 34E (top).

‘I hated how I looked and was always in pain,’ she says. ‘I did a lot of research and chose Belgium as I could travel by train.’

Anita, a hairdresser from Billericay, Essex, arranged the trip using advice site Treatment Abroad and paid £3,100 for surgery and £800 on travel and a hotel for her and her boyfriend — saving £2,100.

‘It meant I didn’t feel pressurised


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