Botulinus Toxin Wrinkle Relaxing Injections / Area (Botox or the generics):

One Area £90
Second Area £ 80
extra Third Area £ 70 extra
Supplement for men £40

Please note, in men the muscle mass is almost twice as much as in women; and so, requires a greater dose of Botox. This supplement is common to all Botox Practices.

“Frown lines” between the eyes (present when looking angry – 1 Area)
“Crow’s feet” on the sides of the eye (both eyes equal one area – 1 Area)
“Worry lines” on the forehead (present when raising the eyebrows – 1 Area)

Muscle Bands in the neck
Droopy mouth corners
Spastic upper lip , leading to many superficial wrinkles


Botox injections

After the Botox treatment, your skin will look younger and smoother when you are smiling or frowning. Botox injections do not affect the normal facial expression. The full effects of Botox treatments are not apparent for 3 to 5 days and they remain for approximately 6 months.

This might vary form person to person. In a resting position there is not much difference, as botox paralyses muscles .

Botox is injected with a very tiny needle (usually an insulin needle) into the desired area and no anaesthesia is required. It can be done simply during the consultation and there is usually no discomfort. By way of speaking, one can be treated during his or her lunch-break and immediately resume normal activities.

Botox has been used safely for years by different doctors, without any side effects. Very occasionally drooping of the eyelid or mouth corner might occur. This happens when it has been injected in the wrong location. Fortunately, this is temporary.

However due to the non-permanent nature of Botox, this is always temporary and if a droop were to occur, it disappears spontaneously after 1 or 2 weeks. Other facial parts are not suitable to be injected with Botox because they are vital for the natural facial expression.


After Botox :

The result of Botox is temporary , lasting on average between 2-6 months.

Too much botox at the wrong location results in a temporary paralysis (loss of muscle function ) of the affected muscle.

Dermal & Lip Fillers – injectables Treatments, Lip Enlargement, Nasolabial Folds , Forehead furrows

Teosyal , Perlane, Restylane,Juvederm are our most popular brands.

From £200 Special Offers per syringue of 1 ml . If less than 1 ml is used , you are only paying what you have used (eg 0.5 syringue is 100 £ )

Radiesse: 300 £ per syringue of 1.3 ml : for nasolabial lines only ; effect is more longlasting (up to 2 years) . Second Syringe £20 off* Lip Treatment: includes vermillion border and cupid’s bow definition:

Wrinkles which can be filled out are for instance the nasial-labial wrinkles (nose to mouth grooves), lines around the corners of the mouth and lines on the under- and upperlip.

In our clinic we use a natural product, hyaluronic acid , a visco-elastic protein (gel) . It is exactly this substance that the body breaks down during the aging process and of which there will be a deficiency. Logically there will be a minimal possibility of lumps or allergic reactions. One disadvantage of this technique is that the body will break down this hyaluronic acid, so that the result of the treatment will only be temporary.

Radiesse is a calcium gel , which is also present in bones , and this is therefore more longlasting . This is also a natural product.


After Fillers

    The effect of fillers lasts only around 12 months, as these are dissolved by the body.

    • Scar tissue under the skin (granuloma = lumps)


    • Blockage of a vessel causing a lack of perfusion of the skin, resulting in blisters and longer term, discoloration of the skin


    • Sometimes you will be able to feel the product if large amount (on the patient’s request) are injected


The patient can say at any time: “Stop…”, as he/she will be in front of a mirror.

The result is immediately visible. Only small quantities are injected per injection, sometimes many injections are necessary, so that the patient can see the gradual result untill he/she is satisfied.