Policies Complaints regarding the hospital of Bornem

Policies regarding Complaints and the ombudsman in the Sint Jozef Hospital, Bornem, Belgium

Complaints can be directed to:

  1. Head of each department (Head Nurse)
  2. Ombudsman ( Louis van Nieuwland ) Ombudsdienst@sjk.be
  3. General Director – CEO (Mr Van Bree )
  4. Medical Director (Myriam Callaert)
  5. Head of Anaesthesiology ( Dr Carl Heyndrickx)
  6. General Head of Nursing ( Kristin Tinel)
  7. Head of Human Resources ( Grete Vandepoel)

More about the Ombudsperson:

ombudsman-hospital-belgium– The ombudsperson is Louis Van Nieuland
– The ombudsperson meets the Royal Decree of 19 March 2007 amending the Royal Decree laying down the conditions to which the ombudsman in hospitals must meet from July 8, 2003.

• The prevention of questions and complaints by facilitating communication between the patient and the professional;
• The negotiation of complaints for the purpose of achieving a solution;
• Informing the patient regarding the potential for the handling of his complaint, in case of lack of reaching a solution;
• Providing information about the organization, functioning and procedural rules of the ombudsman;
• formulating recommendations to prevent recurrence of deficiencies – significant events – that may give rise to a complaint;
• Compile and keep a file for each complaint and significant event.
– Replacement is provided In the absence of the ombudsperson so that the continuity of the ombudsman is assured during office hours.
– Outside office hours, the phone of the ombudsman automaticallywill be forwarded to the Executive Secretary, and in the second instance to the reception desk.

They will provide information regarding the times when the ombudsman can be reached.
More info regarding the ombudsman
o Brochure regarding the law on patients’ rights
o Complaint folder
This information is also available on the website of the hospital ( www.sjk.be ).
Administrative support

The ombudsman has administrative support from the management in regards to correspondence with insurance companies
Flemish Association Ombudsperson of All Hospitals (VVOVAZ)
The ombudsperson is a member of VVOVAZ. He attends the meeting (4 x / year) and study days organized by the association.
Complaints procedure
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