Informed Consent Cosmetic Surgery Belgium

informed-consent-cosmetic-surgery-belgiumBefore every procedure, every patient has to sign a consent form.
The process of informed consent is happening after a talk between the patient and the surgeon leading towards the patient’s agreement to undergo a specific medical procedure. Any patients right of self- decision can only be exercised if the patient has enough information to enable them to make an intelligent choice. The key of informed consent is therefore disclosure.

The essential elements of disclosure to be provided to the patient include:

  1. The nature of the proposed procedure.
  2. The reason the procedure is being suggested.
  3. The benefits of the procedure
  4. The risks, complications, and limitations of the procedure
  5. Any alternatives.

Your consultation should have addressed all the above issues.

Due to the detailed nature of this document however, you will be given plenty of time to read through this before actually signing it on the day of surgery.

Please understand that this consent form is not meant to scare you. In fact, most of the form will have been explained during your consultation. Overall, it is simply a further effort to make you better understand so that you may give or withhold your consent to treatment accordingly.
These are some clauses which are present in every consent form :
– These procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons and because of this, the results can only be assessed subjectively. Therefore, patients have to understand that while they have been advised as to the probable result, this should in no way be interpreted as a guarantee.
– These treatments/operations are always carried out in Belgium. Conflicts or claims about any aspect of the medical or hospital care or treatment shall be governed by Belgian laws.