Guarantee warranty cosmetic surgery Belgium

guarantee-cosmetic-surgery-belgiumThe surgeons of the Singelbergclinic will do everything to maximize the outcome. Despite the best efforts of both patients and plastic surgeon, a small percentage of surgeries will not have the best outcomes , or it may be that the patient wants a perfect result. As the healing processes of the body are not always predictable, a plastic surgery result may be potentially affected by many factors including complications (e.g., infection) or undesired results in the size or shape of the surgically treated area (eg too big or too small breast implants, chosen by the patient herself) .

As a result, additional surgery may be needed to obtain the desired or perfect result. The need for this additional surgery for elective plastic surgery is estimated to be about 10 – 15%, which may be higher or lower depending upon the particular procedure being performed. So you can see that its occurrence is not rare. It is important for all patients considering plastic surgery to understand that undesired postoperative results can and do occur, and the potential need for revision exists with every surgical procedure.

Let me reiterate these points again: · surgical outcomes can not be guaranteed, · the need for revisional (= repair of a complication) or additional (= towards a more perfect result) surgery in elective cosmetic surgery is not rare · and, when needed, incurs expense to perform. Should an extra procedure be necessary, the sticking point that most consistently generates friction is not that more surgery may be needed….but the expenses incurred in so doing. In other words, who is going to pay for it? These issues are particularly relevant to those patients who have limited financial resources and have expended those resources in having the original procedure performed. The potential need for additional surgery and its costs should be considered during the decision-making process when contemplating any form of elective cosmetic surgery.

Most secondary (touch-up) surgery is done at cost ( at a small fee) in order to pay the staff ( anaesthetist and nurse) . The surgeon will do the work free of charge. Travel costs are not included and have to be paid by the patient.

We only charge a small fee, in order to cover the anaesthetist. In most cases revision surgery is not truly a revision, but designed to have a more perfect outcome (so reaching closer to perfection).