Aftercare: aftercare cosmetic surgery abroad:

aftercare-cosmetic-surgery-belgiumA check-up the next morning is always strongly recommended.

A further aftercare check-up in London or Belgium is recommended afterwards 2 – 3 months postoperatively ( in order to check for the end results ) or sooner.

Patients are asked to contact their doctor if they notice one of the following symptoms:

  • Raised temperature, fever, shortness of breath, painful and swollen lower leg ( calf)
  • Red, swollen and warm wound, ….
  • Because all types of surgery involve the possibility of complications, it is important to develop a plan for your care ahead of time.

Before your surgery, questions to ask your surgeon may include:

  • Where do I go if an emergency arises before I return home?
    We have an Accidents and Emergency Department in the general hospital of Bornem.
  • Can I call you if I have concerns after surgery?
    Yes, call the surgeon ( or his colleague or PA) on their mobile ASAP.
  • Are you affiliated with any clinics in my home country that I can go to for follow-up care?
    Yes, we perform check-ups in Wimpole Therapeutics , in Wimpole St, London.
  • Do you have insurance ?
    Yes, all surgeons are insured for medical indemnity.