Address of Sint Jozef Hospital and Singelbergclinic

The hospital and the clinic are 15 miles apart from each other (20 minutes by car).

Address Sint-Jozef hospital : Kasteelstraat 23 , 2880 Bornem, Belgium. Tel : 0032 – 3 – 8901611 (main reception) . Consultations on Wednesdayevenings 16.00 – 20.00

Address Singelbergclinic : Grote Markt 32 , 9120 Beveren-Waas, Belgium.

Tel : 0032 – 477525427. Consultations on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdaymorning.

Tel Secretary (Marije) Dr Noorman van der Dussen : 0032 471 955 399 (mobile , also good for SMS)


Address of London consultation rooms

Wimpole Therapeutics , 2 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0ED

Closest Underground stations : Bond street , Oxford Street, Baker Street, Regent’s Street

Closest Car Park : London Welbeck Street , 74-77 Welbeck Street , London W1G 0BB , 10 £ per 2 hours . Please note most parking restriction in the area are Saturday daytime only. Post 6pm on Saturday and all day Sunday you can park outside or in next street at no charge.

Tel  : 0207 5382678  (Tahira) Mobile number Tahira : 07799224640


General guidelines for travelling to Belgium

Book all tickets 6 weeks in advance to have good rates.Write down your reservation number and bring it along : if you loose your tickets, the booking offices will ask this in order to make you a duplicate ticket (otherwise they might charge you an extra ticket). 

For Belgium you don’t need a visa if you are an EU citizen, but you need a valid pasport : check your pasport whether is still up-to-date/valid 6 weeks beforehand. Make your suitcase 2 days beforehand, because the night before your operation you might be a little bit stressed, so that you might forget some things.Don’t forget a continental plug for your mobile phone charger.

If you carry cash , carry it on your body , don’t keep it in a bag, as in all big train stations (london and brussels) , there are pickpockets who target bags, especially in the trains themselves , near the entry doors.

Check-in for Eurostar : 60 min beforehand, and for flights : 90 min beforehand (there always might be a traffic jam on the way to the airport/station , so easiest is to be well on time – no stress!!!)


By train from London to Brussels:

Take  the Eurostar to Brussels = “Midi Station” or ‘Bruxelles-Midi’ or ‘Brussel-Zuid/South ‘ (There are 3 important stations in brussels, ie. Midi= South/Zuid, Central , and North). From there you take a local IC (intercity ) train towards the clinic or hospital. If you book your Eurostar ticket towards ‘ any Belgian station ‘ , then you can use this same Eurostar ticket up to the local train station.

In case you still need to buy a local belgian train ticket : there is no need to make a reservation for the belgian train ticket, it costs around 12 euros (10  £ ). On  belgian trains , a train guard will check every passenger whether this one has a valid ticket. If you  have forgotten to buy a ticket , no worries, explain the train guard before boarding the train  that you are new here and that you want to buy it from him directly : this ticket will be a few euro’s more expensive.   
Both the Singelbergclinic as well as the general  hospital of Bornem  are 10 minutes walking from the local railway station..

Please visit:

London – Brussels takes 2 hours 20 min by eurostar. There is a time difference of 1 hour between the UK and Belgium (ie 10.00 AM UK = 11.00 AM Belgium)


By Train from Brussels to Bornem (Sint Jozef Hospital)

Take  a train to Mechelen (Dutch) (= Malines in French). Every train going to Antwerp ( = Antwerpen, Anvers) stops in Mechelen after about 30 min. In Mechelen you get off, and change from there again to Sint Niklaas, and you get off at Bornem (this is after about 15 – 20 min)
(Beware : there is also a town called ‘Beernem’ : don’t mix this with Bornem, as this is at the other end of the country).
Then you walk to the hospital or to your hotel. The hospital is 10 minutes walking from the railway station. The first 2 hotels on the list at the bottom are very close to the station and the hospital.

Taxi in Bornem : 2 taxi services : 0032 – 477 545696 (mobile) ; 0032 – 476 293096 (mobile)

By Train from Brussels to Beveren-Waas (Singelbergclinic)

Take a train to Antwerp (take the quick 40-min  IC/intercity train  , faster than the IR and much faster than slow 60-min  L  train ). All trains going to Amsterdam also stop in Antwerp. There is one IC or IR train every 30 min. Step off at Berchem (the last stop before Antwerp, but you also can get off at Antwerp, in case you missed this stop) . In Berchem you have to take your connection to Beveren (15 min) . All trains going to Sint-Niklaas also stop at Beveren(usually the L train , after 4-5 stops from Berchem) .
From there you can take a taxi at the train station, or walk to central market square where  the Singelbergclinic (walking distance 10 min ) is located  . The clinic is located behind the church , next to pub ‘The Peacock’ at the traffic lights and next to perfume shop ‘ Pascale ‘ .

If you stay in ‘Hotel Beveren’ or ‘ BB Euverbraecke’ you need to call a local taxi/minicab (taxi Freddy  0032 – 3 755 06 06 , landline    )  . You also may call them in case you want to be picked up in Brussels.

By plane to Antwerp or Brussels , Belgium :

After you arrive at  Brussels International Airport (= Zaventem) , take the train to Brussels-North. Then change to Mechelen. Then proceed as mentioned above.

Information Brussels airport

a plane towards Brussels International Airport  : ,  , ,

Ryanair flies on Brussels-South (= a town 35 min from Brussels , ie. Charleroi). From there , you take a bus (10 euro’s – 35 min) , which stops in front of the main station in Brussels, and from there you take a train to Antwerp (see above).


By Taxi

Easy but more expensive than trains : They will wait for you at the station or at the airport. Very easy if you travel in the day itself. These taxis are cheaper than the local taxis of the station/airport but you need to book them beforehand.

Taxi Brussels – Antwerp/Beveren/Bornem : airport service : 0032 – 484072433 ( mobile) , or email : , brussels (airport or eurostar) : 60 euro, antwerp (berchem or airport) : 35 euro . The      taxidriver will contact you the day before (or send him a text message if he doesn’t) , and he will be waiting for you with your name on a board at the exit of the station.
Taxi Antwerp – Beveren : 0032 – 3 – 7761234 (landline) , airport antwerp( deurne) : 45, station berchem 40, airport brussels 75 , eurostar 80 .

Taxi Freddy in Beveren : 0032 – 3 755 06 06 (landline)
Taxi in Bornem : 2 taxi services : 0032 – 477 545696 (mobile) ; 0032 – 476 293096 (mobile, )


By Car  : by ferry or eurotunnel to Dover


Parking facilities at the clinic or hospital :  free of charge.

Calais (France) to clinic or hospital :   this takes about 90 minutes. 

 Hotels in Bornem ( Sint-Jozef hospital)

Please book your hotel room at least 3 weeks beforehand and your flight at least 6 weeks beforehand.

Walking distance from the hospital :

 Hotel ‘t Land van Bornem ( 3 star; in between station of Bornem and hospital, closest to hospital of all hotels, 10 minutes walking from station, 5 minutes to hospital and shops ;restaurant is good; no elevator ; single room 72 E, double 82, room for 4 people ‘junior suite’ 105 , breakfast is always included; they also have a family room for 4 people ; beds are very low , no elevator) Kardinaal Cardijnplein 10-12, 2880 Bornem.Tel. +32-3-899 01 12 – Fax.+32-3-899 02 60 .

Hotel De Notelaer ( 4 star ; right next to the station of Bornem, which is 10 minutes walking from the hospital ; best restaurant; no elevator; single room 85 euro breakfast included, double room 99 euro breakfast included ) : Stationsplein 2, 2880 Bornem Tel. +32-3-889 13 67 – Fax.+32-3-899 13 36 Shops and hotel at 10 min walking.

By taxi :

Hotel Ibis, Sint – Niklaas (closest city to Bornem, on the market square of Sint Niklaas, , convenient location with plenty of shops )  : 15 minutes by cab Hemelaerstraat 2 , 9100 Sint-Niklaas Tel : 0032-3 2313141 ;…

Hotel TTS Temse : brand new hotel with restaurant, 10 min by taxi , , 105 euro’s for a double room , 90 euro’s for a single room . They don’t do food at weekends. It is recommended that you have your own transport for this hotel.  No shops around.

Hotel Beveren  (5 – 10 min by taxi) ,  , ‘Motel Beveren’ 0032 – 3 – 775 8623 (landline); this hotel is close to the centre of Beveren. Standard double room : 80 – 110 euro per room,  breakfast 12  euro per person .You’ll need a taxi or bus in order to reach this hotel (10 minutes) . A taxi will be 15 euro and needs to be booked beforehand, which can be done in the clinic upon your return after your procedure. Check the website for last-minute offers. This hotel is closest so the Singelbergclinic . No shops around.

Hotel Serwir : : Hotel located in Sint-Niklaas, halfway between the hospital and the Singelbergclinic. Has a fine restaurant.  10 min walking from a large shopping mall.


Hotels in Beveren (Singelbergclinic ) :

B&B Notarishuis Beveren – This is a brand new renovated notary property. It’s just around the corner to Singelbergclinic ( 1min walking distance). It is in the heart of the town thus nothing is too far. Train station is 10 mins walking distance, pharmacy (30 seconds to 1 min walking distance), restaurants, supermarkets, pubs & etc are all are nearby. For check-ups and follow-ups with Dr Oelbrandt this is the most accessible place. Adress : Kloosterstraat 15, 9120 Beveren Waas. Car park free of charge next to the policestation at 5 min walking distance.

website :, e-mail :

Rates : classical double bedroom inclusive breakfast – 135 euros/night. Tel/Mobile : 0032488495757

single bedroom inclusive breakfast : 115 euros/night

Hotel Beveren  (5 – 10 min by taxi) ,  , ‘Motel Beveren’ 0032  3 775 8623 (landline); this hotel is close to the centre of Beveren. Standard double room : 80 – 130 euro per room,  breakfast not-included 16  euro per person .You’ll need a taxi or bus in order to reach this hotel (10 minutes) . A taxi will be 15 euro and needs to be booked beforehand, adding 30 euro to the cost of this hotel.

Bed and Breakfast  Euverbraeke : 10 min by taxi ( 15 – 20 euro ) , close to the centre of Beveren , not reachable by  train. Single room : 55   , double room 85 euro  , breakfast inclusive. 0032 3 755 72 59 . .

Hotel Ibis, Sint – Niklaas : 25 minutes by taxi ( 35 euro)  .  Hemelaerstraat 2 , 9100 Sint-Niklaas Tel : 0032 3 2313141 ;… 69 Euro’s.

Hotels in Antwerp : by train from Antwerp Central Station (10 euro , 20 min) to Beveren-Waas, by taxi ( 50 euro,  30 min)

If you choose a hotel in Antwerp, choose one close to the central station. The world famous diamond district (and diamond museum), the antwerp Zoo, the main shopping street and most of Antwerp’s tourist attractions are within shortwalking distance. Some hotels offer deals around 60 euro’s per night per room.