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Welcome at Singelberg Clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Belgium

Singelberg ClinicA leading provider of cosmetic procedures based in Belgium, the heart of Europe.
Consultations and post-operative aftercare take place in Wimpole St, London, whereas the procedures are performed in Belgium.
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These are the 5 conditions that must be fulfilled once you have chosen the right clinic, according to many of our patients.

1. Satisfaction with the first consultation, the experience and the qualifications of the surgeon who will be operating. You can easily retrieve this information from their websites and from different other independent websites.

2. Transparency: the clinic exudes high standards, you feel
that you trust them because they seem to care. The process is clean, simple and understandable; your first consultation was clear and everything has been explained to you prior to the procedure.

3. Reputation/Morals of the clinic itself. You know that they have a
good name, that they’ve been in existence for a long time, you know
that they are helpful and supportive. Reviews support this view

4. Accessibility: the clinic is accessible and easy to reach by public transport.

5.Affordability: the cost should be right for you. No hidden small print, transparent.

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